Jérémie A. - IT Student

I've been studying IT in {EPITECH.} Paris for 4 years now.

I'm also working inside my school's Google Group and Innovation Hub on web (server and client side) and mobile technologies , so feel free to contact me if you have an interesting project in mind on these domains and want to talk about it.

I like to create things , use new technologies to design new tools and I enjoy the free-software's philosophy.

I am sometimes at the events hosted by ubuntu-fr.org.


  • PureJS

    PureJS is a JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3 responsive web bootstrap based on material design.

    The goal of this project was to build a fast, light and easy to use bootstrap that could be compatible with any other JavaScript framework. It's free to use under the WTFPL license (like most of my personal projects) and available on GitHub.

    I'm using this framework for my uRSS Project and this page if you need more demonstrations or examples.

  • Epitech-Api

    Epitech's Intranet's API is an Python Flask API I wrote for the other students to work with for a Java project.

    Its goal is to fetch data from our Intranet and reformat it in JSON so it can be easily used in an Android Application.

    It has been used by hundreds of students participating to the Java module.

  • Rss2Json API

    It's a NodeJS API I'm using to parse RSS feeds and turn them into JSON responses.

    I was using Google's RSS API to do that but they took it down so here's mine !

  • TimerJS

    TimerJS is a Javascript + HTML/CSS tool I wrote to use as a Speedrun timer (or anything else).

    It contains keyboard shortcuts and you can easily set differents steps (for the different levels for example) and integrate a YouTube playlist or something else for some background music.

  • uRSS Reader

    uRSS Reader is an AngularJS project using PureJS and the Rss2Json API ( \o/ ).

    I use it as a replacement for Google Reader, it's responsive and quite fast on mobile devices.


Contact me

As much as I might sometimes dislike it I am very present on the Interwebs2.0, as almost every 20-something person I have more websites accounts than I'd ever have the time to use. Long story short you can see me on :


And if you wanna talk about anything, you can send me a mail at : mail(at)lp1.eu